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User Experience & Google Ads Optimization

I successfully led a User Experience and Google Ads Optimization implementation for VHF, a Shopify flower shop. After three months of unsuccessful Pay-Per-Click optimization efforts by the client, they contacted me for a thorough consultation that revealed crucial issues in their e-commerce user experience. After addressing these issues, I designed and optimized a Google Ads campaign, yielding significant results in under two months.


What I Do

Versatile and driven professional with 8+ years of expertise in Web design, online marketing, and UX/UI. Proven problem-solving and analytical thinking skills with a creative mindset. Adaptable to evolving industry technologies, utilizing low-code/no-code tools such as Zoho CRM, AppSheet, WordPress, and Make. Proficient in marketing automation to increase efficiency by eliminating manual, repetitive tasks.


Web Design & Development

Web design is how a website looks, and development makes it work. Together, they create websites that look good and function well. My services bring your vision to life for a website that connects with your audience.

User Experience

User Interface/Experience (UI/UX) is all about how people feel when they use a website or app. It focuses on making sure the experience is enjoyable and easy. Good UX design considers how users interact with the site, ensuring it’s intuitive & meets their needs.

Google Ads Optimization

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) optimization is about making your online ads work better. It involves refining and improving your ads to reach the right audience and get better results. Get instant visibility and connect with potential clients in no time.

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Xavier was a pleasure to work with. His patience and commitment to the assignment was beyond expectations. Xavier has earned my trust, admiration and gratitude as a result of his performance on this project. If you’re looking for a skilled, patient and creative freelancer, I recommend Xavier for your project needs.

Ali Yaqub

Owner, InspectThisCar.com


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